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Reise der FMG 2009 nach Madison mit Besuch von Chicago und Washington


A group of eleven members of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft Freiburg spent ten days in the US. We flew from Frankfort to Chicago on 6 September and stayed three days in the Windy City.


From 9 through 12 September the group was generously received in Freiburg's sister city Madison. We the participants would like to thank all those members of the Sister City Committee and beyond who made our stay such a memorable experience.


On our way back to Old Europe we stopped in Washington. Also here our friends from Madison had cared for us arranging a guided tour of the Capitol Building. Some of us even listened to a Senate Session.  We were back in Frankfort in the morning of 16 September. The flight and landing was like the whole trip smooth without any hick-up.


Following are some impressions of our trip. With the help of my fellow travelers the picture gallery may have become a good reflection of our impressions, encounters and adventures. Günther Kern ©GK, Georg von Savigny ©GvS, and Kendall Schneider ©KS contributed their excellent photos of which I had to select regrettably too few because of space limitations.




Tree lover by JP seen in front of Hancock Tower

Red light sea-gull

Boating and boozing in Chicago ©GK

The Sears now Willis Tower taken from the boat

Clouds move in or I get misty over you

An octogenarian filming Oprah's Kickoff Party with here white iPhone!! That's Chicago, my kind of town

All dolled up for the jazz evening ©GvS

Waiting for the show to begin ©GvS

Buddy Guys Legend in full blues ©GvS

I only have eyes for you ©GvS




Briefing at Lowell Center with Ken verifying

Maharaja presenting distinguished guest and car

Betty Lou cruise on Lake Monona ©KS

Lively discussions during the boat trip ©KS

Madison's impressive skyline ©GK

Among friends ©GvS

Toni addresses Mayor Dave at the welcome dinner

Many citizens love their mayor and his wife Dianne



George: nostalgic on stage and jet-lagged backstage ©GvS

State Senator Risser, primary democratic rock, addresses us visitors at the Madison Capitol ending a tour arranged by Dianne. He explained the virtue of the two chamber system used at Federal and State level in the States


Right: A historic document and allegoric painting in the Senate Chamber dating from 1913. The Goddess of Peace hands the laurel to France whilst Germany and Britain discuss the naval treaty? The three ladies did not follow. One year later World War I broke out throwing Europe into blood, hunger and ruins

We earned our picnic at the Edgewood College following a most interesting sustainability tour organized by the school's chief ecologist Tim Andrews. Even Mike was impressed by Indian mounds (left)
and the renaturation of Lake Wingra (right) 

The incredible Loon juggling with clubs and diavolo

Burning my feet! Is Loon really going so far?

No, only juggling with two fire persons watching him close




Taliesin. Dreaming in an Arcadian landscape

No photos inside allowed but from inside out

Bucolic details in the afternoon sun ©KS


Wisconsin Riverside Resort


Boating and boozing at the Wisconsin River ©GK



Boating is fun but also hard work ©GvS 


Regaining force  at the picnic with genuine Wisconsin cheese ©GvS 





Skeptical looks: Too much meat at the Argentinean restaurant ©GvS 

Topless through Washington ©GvS 

Passing the White House 



Stopover at the main station  ©GvS 

Cuddle up with the President ©GvS 


Meet the presidential couple  ©GvS

Hi Michelle, let's have a coffee together  ©GvS 


Approaching the Capitol ©GvS

Passing the Capital's wind power


At the Rotunda of the Capitol: The Declaration of Independence by John Turnbull. John Adams is the small, George Washington the tall guy

Her is a close-up of George Washington 


This is not Otto von Bismark (1815-1898) but George Laird Shoup (1836-1904) Governor and Senator of Idaho

Thank you Madisonians for having made the guided tour of the Nation's Capitol possible ©GvS


This oldest house in Georgetown is haunted 

At the Roosevelt Memorial: The President and his dog facing the big depression 


A ranger at the Vietnam Memorial giving a helping hand 

The Lost Symbol eventually regained 

John F., Robert, and Edward Kennedy at Arlington National


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