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Our Program in 2022




The program 2022 of the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft (FMG) below is subject to change as the Corona pandemic develops.


When attending the events, the provisions of the Infection Protection Act and the corresponding state regulations of Baden-Württemberg must be observed, i.e., among others 3G.


Please wear an FFP2 masks when participating in indoor events..


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April 6



German-American Stammtisch


Georgia O'Keeffe, A Portrait.  Photo by Alfred Stieglitz.


FMG Committee member Irmgard Feix


Georgia O'Keeffe: An Introduction


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8. p.m.




 April 7



Excursion to Basel-Riehen to the Fondation Beyeler



Georgia O'Keeffe: The exposition


Meeting point at the museum at 3 p.m.


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April 12
 to May 5



 Art Exhibition of Freiburg's sister cities


at the Meckelhalle of the Municipal Savings Bank from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Kaiser-Joseph-Straße 186-190


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May 1



Traditional May Hike of the FMG with the American Students


to the Berglusthaus Horben



The meeting point for the hike to the Lusthaus is at 10h25 at the final stop of bus line 21 Horben-Rathaus.  


(By public transport: From Freiburg to Horben, take the streetcar 2 to Güntersthal at 9h57 at Bertoldsbrunnen to the final stop Dorfstraße. There, at 10h15, take bus 21 in the direction of Horben. Please note: there is only one bus to Horben every hour).  


From the town hall Horben we hike through the Black Forest towards St. Ulrich to the "37th Maihock" at the Berglusthaus with the Trachtenkapelle St. Ulrich and the "d'Ulricher Musikanten". Remember good shoes and warm clothes. The hut is located at over 900 m; it is sometimes still fresh there.  


Around noon we will have lunch at the Berglusthaus. AYF students are invited for lunch. In the Lusthaus there is typical barbecue food but also salads and a cake buffet. Walk back to Horben until about 15h00.  


For a picture gallery look at the German site









May 2 to 14/h2>



An exhibition of class 1ére L1 of the French-German high school


Freiburg's sister cities and their history



Zentrum Oberwiehre, Schwarzwaldstraße 78 B, 79117 Freiburg


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May 4



German-American Stammtisch


FMG Committee member Dr. Manfred Höfert


Cancel Culture only in the States?


©The Week

at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8. p.m.


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May 24



Organized by the Carl-Schurz-Haus and the University of Freiburg


Prof. Dr. Karl Widerquist, Georgetown University Qatar & Fribis, Freiburg on


Universal Basic Income Now



What is it and why you should have one


KG 1 at the Universität, Hörsaal 1199 at 8:15 p.m.




June 1



German-American Stammtisch


AYF-Student Evan Lee
UW-Madison and this year's Freiburg Madison Scholarship recipient


Madisonians in Tune: The Madison Mozart Club of 1905-1959



Research at the Dane County Archive. Lecture in English


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8. p.m.




June 24/25



10th Partnership Market



with tents of the sister cities, a stage at the town hall square,
 and a performance of the Black Forst Badgers


at the Rathausplatz from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


For a photo gallery of the event consult the German webpage










July 2



 4th of July Party



Hosted by the Carl-Schurz-Haus, Freiburg together with the Freiburg-Madison-Gesellschaft, Academic Year in Freiburg, Centre Culturel Français, Goethe-Institut Freiburg, Konfuzius-Institut an der Universität Freiburg, Zwetajewa Zentrum Freiburg.


at the Ganter Biergarten


There is more on the German website




July 9



An Evening with the Black Forest Badgers,
the AYF & Friends Band


at the Ganter Hausbiergarten starting a 6 p.m.




September 1 to 3



Trip to Freiburg's sister city Madison


©John Quinlan

with a previous visit to Chicago and a follow-up program in Wisconsin








September 21



Reception for the Students of the
Academic Year (AYF) in Freiburg 2020/2021


At the terrasse of the Greiffenegg-Schlössle during the reception


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 6 p.m.


There is a picture gallery on the German website




October 3





Hiking Tour with our American Students
around the Schönberg on German Unity Day


Our meeting place is the terminus of streetcar number 3  to Vauban „Innsbruckerstraße“ at 10:30 a.m.
We walk through the vineyards to Ebringen and continue to the “Schönberger Hof” where we will have lunch around 12:45 p.m.
We will return to Freiburg Vauban around 3:30 p.m.


Last time in 2019. Corona blew it in the follwoing years  (©US)




October 5



German-American Stammtisch


Report on the trip to Madison


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.




November 2



German-American Stammtisch


©Washington University in St. Louis


FMG Committee member Sven Meyer on the


Midterm Elections


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 8 p.m.




December 7



FMG Christmas Dinner


at the Greiffenegg-Schlössle at 7 p.m.




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